One size fits all? One of our unique selling points

Do you remember the days of the one size fits all T-shirt? You’d be at a festival or concert and want a memento of your favourite musician, so you buy the T-shirt but it’s too baggy or maybe you’re lucky and it fits. Then you grow or put on weight and what was your favourite top is relegated to the back of your cupboard. You don’t get them much these days – though you still find the one size fits all caps and gloves. Are your head or hands too big? Tough luck, buddy, get used to the cold.

Recommender systems are somewhat like this, although their fit is a bit more accurate as it’s usually industry-specific. However, it’s still a case of, “This is what it does and it should fit what you want.” Yet your business is unique. Perhaps you fall into the retail category as an exclusive boutique or because you sell specialised footwear. Does that make your recommender system requirements the same? Maybe some of them but probably not all.

And we haven’t even touched on issues like whether your infrastructure is compatible with the type of recommender you’d like; or if the system will pick up on all of the data elements that you require. That’s a whole other can of worms right there!

Though, wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive the personalised service that you offer to your customers?

Fortunately, with a Locstat recommender system you can!

So how do we make that work?

Simple! We provide the framework and you tell it what to do. We take the time to understand your business and listen to what you actually need. Oh and that doesn’t mean that we utilise all of your personnel and take forever. We only require a business analyst or expert with deep experience in your company to clarify specifics and ensure that the capability adds value. Following our augmented intelligence and analysis approach, we focus on AI’s assistive role in advancing human capabilities to maximise the available intelligence in your organisation.

As we build your recommender system, we assess for churn and segment your customer base to facilitate a strategic approach to your tactical decisions. This ensures that you can illuminate the information that is pertinent to your enterprise, highlight the real issues and obtain precious insights and operational intelligence to enhance your business.

The Locstat approach to recommender systems

Our holy tech trinity of complex event processing (CEP), graph database technology and a strong recommendation engine provides the capacity to process millions of transactions and complex queries efficiently. Factor in the functionality for churn prediction, customer segmentation, upselling and cross-selling and you can easily take your company to the next level.

Of course, you also need something that grows with you. Locstat LightWeaver® is flexible and scalable, so our recommender systems can expand as you do, easily adapting to your increasing needs.

The elephant in the room

That all sounds great, doesn’t it? But let’s address the elephant in the room. A high-end system is not only expensive, it requires extensive technical expertise, potentially long implementation times and can be problematic with legacy technology. This can seriously impact your business on many levels.

Fortunately, we shield you from these issues because Locstat LightWeaver® is a quick to implement, light touch on your existing architecture. For a hybrid, multi-dimensional recommender system using next generation technology it is a very affordable solution. With minimal operational risk and SaaS software, you essentially get a tailor made suit for the price of a T-shirt!

Our one size recommender system does fit all

because you decide the size and we build to fit.

Locstat recommender systems: your own personal tailor

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