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We illuminate the dark spaces in your digital environment to bring truth and data to life!

We uncover insights and opportunities to empower businesses, industries and humans with real-time data, knowledge and intelligence.

We help them navigate the challenges to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

In a highly complex transactional system, the ability of a SaaS product to provide a real-time early-warning solution is critical. This combined with the graphing capabilities makes Locstat an essential tool in combating fraud for companies with transactional systems.
Sean Baxter, Risk and Compliance Manager, Flash

About us

We are a software solutions company that started as family and friends from diverse yet complementary backgrounds. This foundation made teamwork our central tenet because we believe in the power of collaboration to conquer any challenge. We value mistakes as a learning process and sharing knowledge as fundamental to promoting understanding in any situation. When the going gets tough we pull together and come out stronger than ever. As natural problem-solvers, we love finding solutions to empower companies with the data intelligence to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

The creative juices flow in our dynamic yet easy-going environment that fosters innovation and ingenuity in tackling whatever comes our way. “Outside the box” solutions are part of our naturally curious and inventive approach, which paved the way to our unique and future-ready graph intelligence platform, Locstat LightWeaver®.

We celebrate opportunities to challenge the known, broaden our horizons and expand what’s possible!

We have had the pleasure of working with Locstat on two of our clients to better understand consumers’ behaviours. The Locstat team are highly professional, quick to respond, quick to understand and deliver a highly professional output. The client work required us to understand the spend behaviours off a fairly elementary database and yet the Locstat team were able to re-structure the data and interrogate the data to deliver insights, which we, at Truth, then turned into customer / loyalty strategies. We highly recommend Locstat for data insight work, which runs in parallel to Truth’s strategy approach.
Amanda Cromhout, CEO and Founder, TRUTH

Our story

When we started out, over half of the company came from a law-enforcement or military background, so it seemed obvious to apply our awareness to this space. The military environment is characterised by vast quantities of information, which potentially creates “friction” and “fog”. Yet commanders have to make sense of available intel to gain the necessary situational awareness before deciding on the right course of action. This information overload can obscure relevant data and prevent the accurate dissemination of vital knowledge. Subsequently, many valuable nuggets of information or weak signals go unnoticed as well as the significant new insights that they could trigger.

So we searched for something that could bring together these disparate sources of information into one central space for processing and analysis. This need to provide a holistic overview of relevant intelligence (i.e. information that has value) fuelled an interest in the connectivity potential of the graphing space. Through trial and error, we brought together the optimal, requisite components for managing big, fast, connected data. We combined these with the power of graph to create the consummate platform to address the innate challenges of complex data environments and the shortfalls of legacy technology.

You first have to notice the dots before you can connect them.
Ryno Goosen, CEO, Locstat

Our desire to provide situational awareness prompted the name Locstat, which is military radio shorthand for “Location Status”. Essentially, this is what we do: locate and provide the “status” of the problem, opportunity, risk or value in your data.

Getting a foothold as a new player in the massive defence industry was a struggle. So we turned our focus to the commercial arena. We realised that companies also need to have multi-faceted, actionable intelligence and Locstat LightWeaver® was perfectly suited to provide this.

The volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data that modern businesses contend with creates similar “friction” and “fog” for today’s decision-makers. Legacy software systems aren’t equipped to process connected big data in real-time. Legacy tech focuses on what is visible in the “streetlights” of your data environment but cannot easily illuminate what’s hidden in the “shadows”.

That’s where Locstat excels!

As a Value Added Reseller of Locstat’s Domain Risk Intelligence capability, Veracitech can highly recommend Locstat’s capabilities as a big-data ready, real-time integration and IoT platform. Locstat’s abilities to connect to disparate data sources and provide the necessary visualisation, continuous analysis and risk notifications, in real-time is very impressive. Veracitech is now looking to also expand our relationship with Locstat to other products of theirs, including in the financial services and retail domains.
Hein Mouton, Country Manager, Veracitech Namibia

Intelligence . Illuminated®

Our company, like our platform, is a beautiful synergy of skills and individuals who work supremely well together to make sense of the ever-changing digital landscape. We thrive on problem-solving, in fact, we are energised by the opportunity to apply our skills to create innovative, next generation, customer-driven solutions for your business concerns.

We don’t tell you how to run your business or what you should be doing nor are we trying to change your existing technology stack. We work with you to understand and solve your issues, to empower you with the functionality you need to support your business growth.

Locstat LightWeaver®, our graph intelligence platform, addresses the pain points of developing your own solution, whilst being affordable, quick to implement and operable with your existing architecture. And our personalised service ensures that you get what you need, not what we decide is best for your business.