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Supply chain intelligence

Essentially, a supply chain is a complex network of entities and supply routes: raw materials, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centres, retailers, logistics and customers. Supply chain managers oversee the entire process from sourcing raw materials to updating inventory and tracking logistics. Whilst some of the elements in this network are autonomous, e.g. independent companies, they still impact the entire inter-related system. Any delay, incomplete order or lost shipment (of materials or goods) creates a bullwhip effect down the line – especially if you only learn about it at the last minute.

Even the most integrated networks suffer from discordance at times because this fragile equilibrium relies on so many moving parts operating in precise harmony – the low profit margins demand it.

Locstat’s SCI industry solution provides a control tower view over the supply chain, integrating all the multiple data sources into a single (graph) data repository from which event processing, KPI monitoring, analytics dashboards, digital twins and alerts and notifications can be generated.

Analytics on manufacturing equipment are included in the solution to support predictive maintenance solutions through ML operationalisation.

For large retailers / wholesalers; logistics providers; transport providers; and manufacturers

Location intelligence

A large proportion of data is geo-tagged, offering the opportunity to create a geospatial view of your business or operations.

Locstat LightWeaver®’s location intelligence capabilities provide this through our GeoView solutions. Either as a stand-alone or as a module to other solutions, GeoView delivers a powerful, graph-supported, geospatial perspective for situational awareness to assist with decision making.

Data can be viewed in real-time, e.g. real-time tracking of assets or sensor telemetry, and multiple geospatial layers can be added to enhance the view, build context and augment awareness.

Analysing real-time or historical data shows the geospatial analytics of business, transactional or operational activity through dynamic 2D / 3D map views.

For any organisation whose data has a location component

IoT, telecoms, maritime and mining

Locstat LightWeaver® is a powerful analytics platform for IoT solutions providing advanced data ingestion, analytics and event processing of multiple IoT device / sensor data.

We have historical implementations across the IoT, telecoms, maritime and mining industries as graph database technology is perfectly suited to provide these solutions, e.g. network analysis in a telecommunications network.

Whether it is providing domain risk intelligence solutions, IoT integration and data-fusion capability or realising a digital twin of an isolated but productive mining operation generating multiple datasets, Locstat LightWeaver® has and can support advanced software solutions in these verticals.

Through the novel use of our powerful graph intelligence platform multiple, disparate data can be pipelined in, stored, processed, graphed, analysed and next best action or aggregated reporting and analysis output and visualisations generated to support your requirements.

For any organisation needing oversight and advanced analytics of their complex, big, fast, connected data environment

Law enforcement and intelligence

Crime prevention and risk mitigation are essential and important components to any organisation. Having situational awareness and, thereby, control of your environment or domain is essential to avoid the losses, damage and overall fall-out from being a victim to crime or risk.

A multi-layered, pro-active, data-driven approach combines the best traditional security methods with the efficient resource directing capabilities of a data-driven paradigm to provide effective deterrents and disrupt criminal syndicates that propagate and profit from law breaking activities.

Locstat has a long and successful history in providing the software layer in support of law enforcement, security and intelligence-based security solutions. Our platform enables a data-driven approach, which in turn engenders a proactive, and in places predictive paradigm so that crime and security issues can be mitigated and resolved in more efficient and cost-effective models.

Whether it is supporting community safety, providing enhanced analytics and nodal analysis to private security or assisting in countering organised, fixed infrastructure theft, our system provides a versatile, agile and effective software capability to a multi-layered law enforcement and intelligence approach.

For enterprises (utilities, municipalities, mines); private security; community and in-house security