The impact of COVID-19 on retail | Why customer loyalty can’t be ignored

Are you getting the necessary insights into your customers to ensure you are maximising their customer experience? How are you tracking your loyalty programme? Are you preventing customer churn? Do you have a customer 360 view of your customers?

And what of Covid-19? How did that impact on your customers and your rewards program?

Locstat, along with its partner iOCO recently did an exciting webinar discussing “The impact of Covid-19 on Retail – Why Customer Loyalty Can’t be Ignored”.

Moderated by the world renowned Mathew Pearce, we had a wonderful panel made up of:

  • Amanda Cromhout, customer loyalty expert, loyalty awards judge and CEO of Truth – giving us really fantastic insights, from her vast and always current loyalty experience on how Covid-19 has impacted loyalty programs and indeed some great insights into what certain brands did in response to Covid-19.
  • Locstat’s very own Sanjay Daya – Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and co-founder at Locstat – telling us about why organisations need a somewhat different approach and the right technology in place in order to realise a genuine Customer 36o view of your data, ensuring that your loyalty program is data-driven, with rich, contextualized insights into your customers!
  • Varsha Ramesar, Data analytics, governance and technology expert, professional coach and Managing Executive at iOCO – talking data governance, especially in relation to customer data!
  • Warren Bowers, brand manager with extensive experience across the whole retail sector and MD Bounty Brands Apparel at Bounty Brands – talking, from a brand’s perspective of how they are looking at establishing an effective customer loyalty programme.

Please watch the webinar at your leisure and if you have any questions regarding the webinar or from either of the panelists, please get in touch through our website.

This also talks to a previous blog post ‘Mind the Gap’, have a read and get in touch if you feel you need to realise a Customer 360 view of your loyalty customers, so you can serve them better through a data-driven insight rich approach!

Ensure you have an enhanced customer loyalty experience!

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