intelligence . illuminated

Suggested by the great Conn Bertish as a perfect slogan for our solutions, “intelligence . illuminated” sums up our value proposition in two distinct ways.

Information + value = intelligence

Our graph intelligence platform, Locstat LightWeaver®, evolved from the requirements of a military environment. Commanders, the business equivalent of managers and the C-suite, need situational awareness, which involves the location and status of what is happening around them. They receive data from a diverse variety of sources, from radars to humans, that needs to be processed and deciphered to add value and inform decisions. This interpreted information is known as intelligence.

Seeing what (status) is going on where (location) is vital in any business. So we chose the name Locstat, military shorthand for “location status”, to highlight how our solutions locate key aspects of your data and provide their status to transform that into insights (intelligence).

With the wealth of data in today’s digitalised landscape, we recognised that the capacity to connect it, using graph technology, was paramount. However, legacy tech fell short in its capacity to link all of the information in real-time, which reminded us of a story.

The lost keys

Locstat will unlock your data potential

On his beat late at night, a police officer comes across an intoxicated businessman searching the area under a lamppost. He discovers that the man has lost his keys and dutifully assists him. It soon becomes obvious, though, that they are nowhere in sight.

“Are you sure you dropped them here, sir?” He asks politely.

“Oh no. I heard them fall out when I went to relieve myself.” The businessman points to a bush in the darkness.

So the officer pulls out his torch and illuminates the shrubs. Sure enough, there are the keys glinting in the light.

Baffled, he hands them over and asks, “So why were you looking here?”

“Because the light is so much better!” The businessman replies and stumbles off down the road.

This was such an appropriate analogy for Locstat LightWeaver® – the torch illuminating the shadows – that it completed our offering perfectly.

Illuminating with ease

We illuminate the concealed risks and opportunities in the “dark” and previously unseen spaces of your digital environment.  These dark spaces are caused by a combination of elements, e.g. legacy technology, a lack of in-house skills, no time to investigate or implement suitable systems and cost constraints. Yet the opportunities and risks, whilst hidden, still exist.

But that’s where we come in. We’ve removed the pain points to illuminating the shadows in your digital ecosystem.  Our graph powered, AI and complex event processing capabilities allow us to deliver a versatile SaaS platform, which sits as a light touch on your existing architecture. Quick to implement and affordable, it can’t get much easier than that to address those challenging pain points.

Intelligence . illuminated

Our simple slogan says it all: We locate the key information, transform it into intelligence, then bring it “into the light” to empower your decision makers with the insights that they need to enhance and support your business on all levels. There’s no better way to maximise your business opportunities, increase efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

So there you have it:

intelligence . illuminated

Our slogan

Your benefit!

intelligence . illuminated

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