What We Do

Locstat connects and orchestrates multiple sources of information to deliver complex event processing and a common operating picture for any defined geographical location.


Event Source & Data Input Layer

  • Databases
  • Message queues – RabbitMQ, MQTT, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka
  • Locstat DarkMatter sensor data bus
  • Sensors & Devices
  • Locstat App Framework
  • API Framework

Data Processing & Orchestration Layer

  • Linearly scalable big data storage
  • Graph database
  • Streaming analytics
  • Machine learning framework
  • Geospatial processing engine



Complex Event Processing Layer

  • Computation oriented CEP
  • Detection oriented CEP
  • Rules-engine
  • Machine learning
  • Alerting system
    • SMS
    • email
    • Message services/BPM

      User Interface Layer      

  • Various User Interfaces
    • 2D & 3D Geospatial Interface
    • Graph Visual Analytics
    • Dashboards
  • Integration to 3rd party visual interfaces


For a smarter Industry 4.0 World

Locstat is a real-time analytical inference platform that fuses and streams data from multiple sources to identify critical events and patterns that impact the continuity of business operations.

We uncover insights and opportunities to empower businesses, industries and humans with real-time data, knowledge and intelligence. We help them navigate the challenges to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Solution Space

High volume transaction monitoring Fraud detection Preventative Maintenance Traffic monitoring and geofencing Event processing for IoT solutions Geospatial data processing Event visualisation in common operating pictures Integration into applications requiring complex event processing capabilities



Financial Services

High volume transaction monitoring, fraud identification, compliance monitoring and a real-time operational business intelligence capability.


For Mining customers who want to enhance their ability to monitor and improve on their environmental health, security management, asset tracking and maintenance and field reporting capabilities.


Real-time risk early warning systems. CEP to generate automated alerts of risk activity in the proximity of their operations.

Safety & Security

Integrated solutions to combat copper cable theft. Orchestration and analysis of sensors, human reporting, geospatial intelligence, crime pattern analysis ensuring predictive resource allocation to identified theft hotspots.

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Locstat is provided on a Software as a Service basis and is fully cloud enabled. On-premises options are available. We take care of most of the pain associated with implementing Complex Event Processing solutions in an Industry 4.0 environment. Focus is on the important element – business insight.


12 month subscription
Standardardized functionality (our baseline product)

On-premisis / Solution

12 month subscription
Tailored solution based on requirements - across all layers

CEP - LightWeaver API

12 month subscription
passing of transactions/data messages through CEP engine API

Flexible subscription

Decide whether to opt for a monthly or annual subscription. Contact us for flexible payment models.


Locstat provides a secure solution with all the necessary access controls, encryption and data security protocols to ensure your data safety.

No data lock-in

You are always in control of your data. Easily export data to use and analyse in other systems.


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Locstat Cx App (For Neighbourhoods & Communities)
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Locstat Patroller App
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Locstat Sx Reporter App (For Security Companies)
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