Locstat is an IoT/Industry 4.0 software solution framework.

Locstat offers our customers a rapid, simple way to make sense of their data and generate insights. This ensures cost savings, increased profits and sustainable resource use in any environment.

The Locstat framework’s flexibility allows us to provide solutions to your IoT/Industry 4.0 problems in a systematic and strategic manner. Our collaborative approach ensures we find the right solution for you.






Locstat is a Big Data IoT / Industry 4.0 / Where3, predominantly SaaS framework, focused on:

  • A sensor and data-rich environments with a real-time reporting, geospatial analysis, machine-learning & visualization requirement.

  • Transaction processing environments that require real-time monitoring, machine learning and pattern / relationship analysis and detection.






  • Financial Services
  • Maritime & Blue Ocean Economy
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Water & Utilities
  • Safety & Security
  • Environmental
  • SMART Cities
  • Socio Economic Development
  • Health Care






Reporting & Sensors
  • Field Reporting App Framework
  • Sensor Connect Framework
  • Data Source Connect Framework
Storage & Processing
  • Big Data Storage Environment
  • Streaming Analytics Processing
  • Machine Learning Framework
  • Graph Database
Analytics & Visualisation
  • Geospatial Visualisation
  • Real-time Monitoring Dashboard
  • Relationship Analysis Visualiser
  • Alerts Reporting Service






Locstat Cx App (For Neighbourhoods & Communities)
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Locstat Patroller App
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Locstat Sx Reporter App (For Security Companies)
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SaaS Model

Locstat is provided predominantly on a Software as a Service basis and is fully cloud enabled. This takes care of most of the pain associated with implementing IoT solutions. Focus is on the important element – business insight.


Flexible Subscription

Decide whether to opt for a monthly or annual subscription. Contact us for flexible payment models.


No Data Lock-in

You are always in control of your data. Easily export data into spreadsheets to use and analyse in other systems.



Locstat provides a secure IoT/Industry 4.0 solution with all the necessary access controls, encryption and data security protocols to ensure your data safety.