Customer 360 – piecing together the consumer puzzle

Is your customer data a bit of a puzzle still?

There are different approaches to making a puzzle. Some people put together all the edges and then fill in the middle. Some start in a corner and work their way outwards. Others first piece together aspects of the image that are recognisable and then link them all up. Inevitably, with persistence, the whole picture comes together, regardless of the method.

Consumer interactions with your enterprise are a bit like puzzle pieces; except that you don’t have a final picture for reference. Instead you have an ever fluid image that morphs with your customer’s changing needs and circumstances. Add to this the sheer quantity of information flooding your business and the task becomes even more challenging.

Some of this customer data might be non-essential or repetitive but it provides background, like blue pieces of sky. Perhaps it seems irrelevant yet it contributes to context, for example in determining buying habits or event driven purchases.

Seeing the whole puzzle

Locstat allows you to see the whole picture

Some companies have opted for a single customer view (SCV) by pulling together information from an ID or account number. This can be run on legacy tech, however, the perspective is limited and often lacks synchronisation, which can result in duplication and inconsistencies.

Customer 360, on the other hand, has a unified viewpoint of your entire customer journey across multiple touchpoints and channels. It extends the puzzle metaphor because each piece interrelates with all of the other pieces, not just immediate neighbours. Graph database technology draws relationships between any data points to analyse and access your required specifics, e.g. website purchases or in store only, quantity and type of products bought from a particular sector in a designated period and so on.

This next gen solution increases your success in identifying and predicting consumer behaviour in real-time. A Customer 360 approach, which includes our hybrid recommender system, allows you to personalise communication, treasure map, create targeted marketing approaches through segmentation and pre-empt churn. Essentially, it maximises the value in your customer data, inevitably enhancing your revenue.

Locstat integrates all of the pieces of your customer’s journey into its data intelligence platform. Our Customer 360 goes beyond conventional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with its graph powered AI and complex event processing framework. This provides contextual and enriched data analysis for historical and real-time feedback. And as a light touch on your existing architecture there’s minimal operational risk.

See the whole picture with

Locstat’s Customer 360! 

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