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DataStax ( is a hybrid and multi-cloud database. Built on Apache Cassandra™ and designed from the ground up to run anywhere, on any cloud, in any datacenter, and in every possible combination. DataStax delivers the ultimate hybrid and multi-cloud database. DataStax empowers you to build data-driven applications that set the standard for performance, availability, and scale.

Locstat is a DataStax Partner

Great Blog!! With DataStax Enterprise (DSE) we have a winning partner & are able to deploy dynamic, impactful, sustainable and cost effective solutions. “The only real database that can manage that is DataStax” says our MD, Ryno Goosen: .

The capabilities Locstat brings to the South African market are garnering a lot of interest and gaining great traction. As company’s are exposed to our capabilities and solutions, (Go DataStax!), they realize the constraints of their legacy technologies.

They become increasingly aware that new opportunities are available to them (which of course they wanted to achieve). This in turn enables them to enhance their capabilities, such as Recommender Systems, Customer360 View, CEP, Location Intelligence etc. This all ultimately creates enhanced customer experience, which is critical.

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Thanks guys. Loving the journey.

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