50 million data transactions a day with Cassandra

50 million Transactions a day with Cassandra on Locstat's unified data analytics platform

We were privileged to be invited by the DevOps.com community to discuss Locstat’s unified data analytics platform at a webinar sponsored by our partners DataStax.

The three main topics were:

  • How did Locstat decide what open source technologies to use?
  • Why we decided to use DataStax Enterprise?
  • How to scale with zero downtime?




It was great to tell the world about our journey and show how we deliver next-generation solutions to our clients.

Locstat is a unified data analytics platform that enables organisations to rapidly create next generation data intelligence applications in complex environments.

We are a DataStax partner and at our core we use Cassandra to handle 50 million data transactions a day!

Cassandra enables Locstat to handle 50m + Transactions a day

Watch the webinar here.

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