Our Subscription Services Packages

Locstat can be used on a Software as a Service basis for businesses who want to make use of our technology and apply it to their operations or various data sets.

Our tools are all fully cloud-enabled and can provide you with access to our services from anywhere in the world. While we pride ourselves in being able to provide self-service solutions, we do also offer on-premises options for companies that prefer a more hands-on approach or have particular data management requirements and restrictions.

If you're looking for a big data partner, then speak to us at Locstat. Let us take care of most of the pain associated with implementing Complex Event Processing solutions in an Industry 4.0 environment, while you focus on your core business solutions.

If you would like to know more about our subscription-based services, please have a look at our options below, all designed to suit just about any companies needs.

CEP - LightWeaver API

12 month subscription
passing of transactions/data messages through CEP engine API

On-premises / Solution

12 month subscription
Tailored solution based on requirements - across all layers


12 month subscription
Standardardized functionality (our baseline product)

Pick the package to fit your business

Not sure which solution is right for your business? Then contact us directly for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your system, your data needs, budget and any custom features you may require and suggest the ideal package to suit all your data and business needs.

Why use Locstat subscriptions services

Flexible subscription

Decide whether to opt for a monthly or annual subscription. Contact us for flexible payment models.


Locstat provides a secure solution with all the necessary access controls, encryption and data security protocols to ensure your data safety.

No data lock-in

You are always in control of your data. Easily export data to use and analyse in other systems.

The latest news

Find out more about what we’re up to at Locstat, the latest developments to our core products and services as well as staying up to date with industry news and trends.