Safety & Security

The security industry is increasingly using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, specifically video analytics in video surveillance systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) is also set to become a major disruptive influence. Those providing security solutions will need to transform their information technology architectures to deal with the increasing volume, velocity and variety of data. This shift will result in pro-active, data-driven predictive security solution providers, whilst increasing profits and customer value. Ultimately, it will enhance the security of customers and communities.

Locstat gathers and analyses data in real-time, visually displaying it in an interface that creates a digital geospatial twin of the operating environment. This provides a clear competitive differentiator in a crowded marketspace. Add a next-generation complex event processing engine into the mix and you have a system that provides:

  • Incident Reporting via web, iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Sensor integration
  • Real-time resource monitoring and allocation, track and monitor security assets in real-time, direct resources to the right areas at the right time
  • Visual and geospatial analytics for efficient data processing exploitation and analysis
  • Predictive maintenance of security assets
  • Predictive crime analytics
  • Real-time command and control through a Common Operating Picture (COP)

Multi-tiered, big-data and Industry 4.0 enablement solutions are notoriously difficult to implement. This is where we add the most value. Locstat shields security businesses from the skills shortage, complexity, long implementation times, and high costs of implementing next generation security solutions.

We provide a Community Edition (the free-of-charge Locstat Cx service) for Neighbourhood Watches.

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