Retail businesses require a strategic approach to improve their understanding of customer requirements and buying behaviour.
A unified view of all customer touchpoints across all of the channels in your business is a necessity. Locstat achieves this by
aggregating customer data across multiple channels and data silos to create a comprehensive view of each customer.

These 360° customer views help to personalise customer experience, predict customer behaviour and improve sales and after
sales service. Locstat provides a SaaS framework with a light touch to help your business implement a cost effective Customer
360° view.

Recommender systems help businesses to increase sales and reduce churn. Locstat provides a hybrid approach by using graph database technology and machine learning. Locstat’s Recommender Engine can be used to improve or increase average order value, revenue and customer retention. Steve Jobs made a valuable point: “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Improve the RoI of your marketing and voucher campaigns with customer insights generated by our Recommender Engine.


Break the organisational data-silos that drive up costs in your current supply chain systems. Locstat assimilates this information to create an integrated ecosystem and transparent supply chain. In addition, amalgamating external information sources also lets you manage and predict risk and other critical elements such as demand for production capacity, storage and raw material requirements. Locstat provides real-time analytics, graph powered Artificial Intelligence and geospatial capabilities to give you a transparent view on your whole supply chain.