At Locstat we understand the power of data and to be competitive in the modern business world you cannot simply collect data but you need to harness it in various ways to improve your service, find inefficiencies, improve your product or service delivery, reduce costs and so much more. 

Our unique set of data and analytics services are ideally suited to various markets. Our subscription services can be applied to any scale business and can be integrated into your system to set up from scratch. 

As we continue to improve our services we've been able to successfully integrate our tools with service providers in the following markets.

Financial Services

High volume transaction monitoring, fraud identification, compliance monitoring, KYC, customer360 and a real-time operational business intelligence capability.


Solve real problems and achieve significant benefits such as reduced operating costs and enhanced productivity. Respond to problems and opportunities faster than your competitors.


For customers who want to enhance their ability to monitor and improve on their environmental health, security management, asset tracking, maintenance and field reporting capabilities.


Real-time risk early warning systems. Generate automated alerts of risk activity in the proximity of your operations. Enhance your domain awareness, sensor integration and real-time analytics.

Safety & Security

Locstat enables proactive and predictive security approaches through the orchestration of sensors, human reporting, geospatial risk intelligence analysis, asset tracking and crime pattern analysis.

IoT & SMART Solutions

Leverage and extend your IoT solutions and platforms through seamless integration of Locstat. Suitable for healthcare, telecoms, manufacturing, agriculture, environmental and SMART City solutions.


Improve communication via various text based services across the internet or with voice over internet protocol and manage these data streams and store data correctly and turn them into actionable insights.

Transport & Logistics

Break the traditional data-silos that drive up costs in your current supply chain systems and let Locstat assimilate this information to create an integrated ecosystem and transparent supply chain.

The latest news

Find out more about what we’re up to at Locstat, the latest developments to our core products and services as well as staying up to date with industry news and trends.