Financial Services

In the current financial services industry, data is everywhere and increasingly siloed. Its rising complexity compromises the ability to generate insights about risk and opportunities. Slow data gathering and analysis results in weak analytical insights, which have a negative impact on revenue growth, cost, risk reduction and ideal customer experience.

Legacy database systems are generally fragile and complex, making business growth expensive. It is very difficult for companies relying on batch data to respond to real-time changes in customer behaviour.

Locstat solves the skills shortage, complexity, long execution times and high costs of implementing solutions for high volume transaction monitoring, KYC, Customer360, Fraud Detection, Recommender Engines, Risk Early Warning and Compliance Monitoring.

Don’t get locked-in to current cloud provider architectures. Locstat provides a cost effective solution that can be implemented in any cloud or private cloud environment.

Graph Powered AI and Complex Event Processing Solutions
Solutions to help you acquire, retain and grow your customer base
Real-time High Volume Transaction Monitoring

Pick the package to fit your business

Not sure which solution is right for your business? Then contact us directly for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your system, your data needs, budget and any custom features you may require and suggest the ideal package to suit all your data and business needs. 

Why use Locstat subscriptions services?

Our services can be integrated into your system and scaled to your needs by using any one of our custom subscription that will allow you to leverage our powerful AI and machine learning services.

Flexible subscription

Decide whether to opt for a monthly or annual subscription. Contact us for flexible payment models.


Locstat provides a secure solution with all the necessary access controls, encryption and data security protocols to ensure your data safety.

No data lock-in

You are always in control of your data. Easily export data to use and analyse in other systems.

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