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‘Patrollers’ are then seen in real-time in the Locstat CygnusTM real-time interface allowing a controller to see your location and movement – giving your community a Command and Control (C2) capability. Importantly, your ‘track’ is recorded, so the data can be analysed, allowing After Action Reviews (AAR) to be conducted to inform future planning, improve capability, and have further insight and perspective. Through this, you and your community will realise greater safety and security as the community can achieve Information Dominance over your community. 

Locstat-Enabled Communities and Locstat-Enabled Security Providers can, by using data, now adopt a proactive approach to preventing and fighting crime. Patroller is a lightweight tracking app, which, by design, is a 1-way data push. 

You will not be able to see fellow patrollers on your phone. A 2-way system uses considerably more data and battery power, but importantly we subscribe to the approach that you should, once you activate the app, put your mobile phone away and be looking-out (not-in) and not trying to conduct C2 through your phone screen.

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