It’s celebration time. Locstat recently started 2 new contracts, providing data-driven insights and services to the security industry.

Locstat gathers and analyses data in real-time, visually displaying it in an interface that creates a digital geospatial twin of the operating environment. This provides a clear competitive differentiator in a crowded marketspace. Add a next-generation complex event processing engine into the mix and you have a system that provides:

  • Incident Reporting via web, iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Sensor integration
  • Real-time resource monitoring and allocation, track and monitor security assets in real-time, direct resources to the right areas at the right time
  • Visual and geospatial analytics for efficient data processing exploitation and analysis
  • Predictive maintenance of security assets
  • Predictive crime analytics
  • Real-time command and control through a Common Operating Picture (COP)