A Story

A quick story to start the year off:

"You cannot look for operational insights only in the spotlight, more often than not they reside in the shadows".

A police officer on his beat late at night, sees an obviously intoxicated businessman, shabbily dressed in his business suit. He observes the seemingly baffled and staggering individual intently searching the ground under a well lit lamppost. As is their want, the policeman asks him what he is up to and if there is a problem? The inebriate replies that he is looking for his keys, which he dropped.

So the officer dutifully starts to help him. After a few minutes of looking around the lamppost their search is proving unsuccessful. It is becoming frustrating for the policeman as he needs to help solve this ‘problem’ by getting this individual home and off the street. So eventually he asks whether the man is certain that he dropped the keys near the lamppost?

“Oh No,” is the reply, “I lost the keys somewhere across the street.”

Perplexed and somewhat irritated, after having been searching for a result without success, the officer asks “So why look here?”

To his amazement, the challenged individual replies, with much aplomb and ignorant confidence “The light is much better here”!

The policeman walks across the street, where the light of the lamppost isn’t reaching, he switches on his torch and starts to cast around. Sure enough, after illuminating the dark side of the road, the policeman finds the dropped keys. He hands them over and sends the annoying man home with some polite but sarcastic comments.

But job done and problem solved.


At Locstat we love this story as it is actually so closely aligned to what we do. We are that torch that can illuminate those shadows.

Graph powered next generation analytical and event processing suites

We illuminate the concealed risks and opportunities in the ‘dark’, difficult to get to and previously unseen spaces of your digital environment. In our modern digital world, these dark spaces are caused by a combination of things, e.g. still using legacy systems, the lack of in-house skills, no time and cost constraints. All the while, there is risk or opportunity residing under your nose, in your environment, which you cannot see or deal with. At the same time, you still want to answer the complex questions that we ask of our data these days.

This is where Locstat comes in. Our graph powered, streaming analytics and complex event processing capabilities allow us to deliver impactful software solutions to address your company’s pain points.

So here’s wishing y’all an illuminating 2020. If, as part of your digital transformation plans for 2020, you want to illuminate the dark spaces in your organisation’s digital environment, by all means get in touch.

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