Locstat and Ashanti AI


“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together”

                                                                               African proverb

Locstat, a leader in graph powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) and event processing for next generation data intelligence, announces its ‘further together’ partnership with Ashanti AI, a leading AI data science specialist in the supply chain industry. Together, we can give customers a more comprehensive data intelligence service to improve efficiency, increase profitability and enhance customer experience

“We are enthusiastic about the real value that we can offer through our collaboration,

” said Sanjay Daya, Chief Marketing Officer at Locstat. “Our comprehensive data intelligence platform, backed up with enhanced machine learning models from Ashanti AI, will help take our customers to the next level so they will be able to do even more with their data.”

The partnership brings phenomenal big-data ready, next generation capabilities to any industry in South Africa and internationally. The collaboration of data science and intelligent software systems provides uniquely packaged Augmented Intelligence products in the recommender system, predictive maintenance and Internet of Things (IoT) space.

“Through a combination of our organisation’s respective strengths, we will provide an enhanced, value added offering to our clients,” said Takalani Madzhadzhi, Chief Executive Officer, at Ashanti AI. “We all know the power of collaboration. We appreciate the value of working with extraordinary companies to deliver excellence. We are stronger together and can go further together.”

Ashanti AI

An established AI company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ashanti AI is a strategic partner and associate of Argility Technology Group (ATG). Our experienced data scientists use their extensive specialities to create innovative AI products in Predictive Maintenance, Warehouse Labour Management, and bespoke AI solutions.

Visit www.ashanti.ai


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Locstat provides next-generation software solutions through our graph-powered AI and event processing capabilities. We are passionate about illuminating the unseen in your organisation’s digital environment to realise the true value in your data.

Visit www.locstat.co.za

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