Applications Using Our Technology

Our range of enterprise software and custom solutions are highly robust and able to craft solutions for many of the issues and blockages your business faces today. The tech stack is also versatile enough to build complementary and additional features you may have always wanted your business to leverage and improve operations, conversions, sales and more. 

Leveraging the power of AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Real-time data capture we’re able to create innovative solutions for our clients. To give you a better idea of how our technology can be integrated into your business we felt it best to show you the various applications that can be run using Locstat and how they can be customised to suit your business. 

Below you will find some of the popular applications we’ve created and how they can be split into servicing different niches and sectors. 

Recommendation engines

Traditionally businesses could offer personalised services as the majority of their work was done one a one-to-one communication basis, but as technology has evolved and businesses scale past the ability for humans to do everything personalisation through technology has become increasingly popular. One way to provide a personalised service to your customers is via the use of a recommendation engine, a tool that captures your existing user data and overlays various predefined rules to provide your clients with accurate recommendations that suit their personal needs. 

To get an idea for how recommendation engines can be applied to your business, please select the solution that best suits your business.

Recommendation engines

Recommendation Engine for eCommerce

Recommendation Engine for eCommerce
Recommendation Engine for CRM systems
Recommendation Engine for Publisher and picking stocks
Recommendation Engine for finance
Recommendation Engine for eLearning

Alert systems

Alert systems for eCommerce
Alert systems for CRM systems
Alert systems for Publisher and content services

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Features provided by Locstat

When you sign up to Locstat you will have access to a host of data capturing, data processing and user data capturing features. You are free to choose the feature sets that apply to your business and ensure that your data is accurately captured, attributed and analysed for improved performance and more in-depth insights. 

We currently provide our clients and subscription holders with the following benefits.

Event Source & Data Input Layer

  • Databases
  • Message queues – RabbitMQ, MQTT, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka
  • Locstat DarkMatter sensor data bus
  • Sensors & Devices
  • Locstat App Framework
  • API Framework

Data Processing & Orchestration Layer

  • Linearly scalable big data storage
  • Graph database
  • Streaming analytics
  • Machine learning framework
  • Geospatial processing engine

Complex Event Processing Layer

  • Computation oriented CEP
  • Detection oriented CEP
  • Rules-engine
  • Machine learning
  • Alerting system
    • SMS
    • email
    • Message services/BPM

User Interface Layer

  • Various User Interfaces
    • 2D & 3D Geospatial Interface
    • Graph Visual Analytics
    • Dashboards
  • Integration to 3rd party visual interfaces

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