Brands We Have Partnered With

At Locstat we believe that we can only achieve our goals by growing together as a community and that is why we’re open to strategic partnerships where businesses with complementary skills and services can work together with us. Partnering with Locstat will give you access to a range of high tech features for improving business processes and streamlining your technology stack. 

We have already partnered with a few brands and will continue to seek strategic partnerships in the future.

Brands we’ve partnered with

Procursus Partner

Datastax Partner

ioco Partner

If you’re looking to leverage the latest in smart technology and data management contact us for a consultation today.

Features you can use to take your business to new heights when you enter into a strategic partnership with Locstat.

Event Source & Data Input Layer

  • Databases
  • Message queues – RabbitMQ, MQTT, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka
  • Locstat DarkMatter sensor data bus
  • Sensors & Devices
  • Locstat App Framework
  • API Framework

Data Processing & Orchestration Layer

  • Linearly scalable big data storage
  • Graph database
  • Streaming analytics
  • Machine learning framework
  • Geospatial processing engine

Complex Event Processing Layer

  • Computation oriented CEP
  • Detection oriented CEP
  • Rules-engine
  • Machine learning
  • Alerting system
    • SMS
    • email
    • Message services/BPM

User Interface Layer

  • Various User

    • 2D & 3D Geospatial Interface
    • Graph Visual Analytics
    • Dashboards
  • Integration to 3rd
    party visual

The latest news

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