Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Locstat and the services we offer. Should you not find the answers you’re looking for or require a more nuanced answer, please feel free to contact us directly.

Locstat is a Graph Powered AI and Event Processing capability for Next-Generation Augmented Data Intelligence.

Through the novel use of Machine Learning and Graph technology, we uncover insights to empower enterprises and personnel with static or real-time data. We focus on AI’s assistive role in advancing human capabilities to maximise the available intelligence in your organisation.

Locstat provides a unique, quick to implement Data Intelligence platform that solves difficult problems in a variety of industry sectors.

Locstat unlocks the value in your data by illuminating the concealed risks and opportunities in the dark spaces of your digital environment. We improve efficiency, increase profitability and enhance customer experience.

Locstat is predominantly a B2B solutions provider.

The demand for real-time Data Intelligence, driven by the increasing convergence of Industry 4.0, Big Data and AI is creating problems and need in organisations wanting to succeed in a modern, data rich, digitalised world.

Businesses struggle with the volume, velocity, veracity and variety of the data they generate and then the speed at which they have to analyse it. This creates serious risk, missed opportunities and financial losses. The right mix of skills, software and practical solutions needed to solve this are difficult and expensive to access.

Unlike legacy systems, Locstat is an easy to deploy, agile and scalable, predominantly SaaS offering where we help solve these challenges.

If you’re looking to leverage the latest in smart technology and data management contact us for a consultation today.

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