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The demand for real-time situational awareness, driven by the increasing convergence of IoT/Industry 4.0 and Big Data is creating problems and needs in organisations wanting to succeed in a modern, data rich, digitalised world. Businesses struggle with the volume, velocity, veracity and variety of the data which is why custom solutions are what's needed to get the best out of your data equity. 

To get a better feel of what we offer, here are some practical applications of our technology and how we’ve helped businesses reach new heights by collecting and processing their data.

Flash, a division of the Pepkor Group, is one of the largest informal retail networks in Africa. They provide hardware and applications that enable traders to offer affordable payment options for virtual services such as electricity, airtime, data, account payments, vouchers, gaming and supplier payments. 

The diversity of Flash’s product range results in a complex, high volume, transactional environment characterised by up to 25 million data transactions daily. 

Real-time High Volume Transaction Monitoring for Financial Services
Locstat Powers IoT Solutions with DataStax Enterprise

DataStax fills a niche market in the IoT industry by providing deep analysis and predictive analytics on the sensor data IoT devices provide to companies. 

Built on open source products, Locstat needed a solution that could push analytical time from two to three weeks down to minutes to generate the graphs used in their analytics. They also needed a database cloud solution that could support big data and scalability.

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