We illuminate the dark spaces in your digital environment to bring truth and data to life!

We reveal the new.
The previously invisible.

We uncover insights and opportunities to empower businesses, industries and humans with real-time data, knowledge and intelligence.

We help them navigate the challenges to thrive in our rapidly changing world.


About Us

We are a software solutions company made up of family and friends from diverse yet complimentary backgrounds. We have a multifaceted understanding of actionable intelligence and therefore appreciate the value that it provides to decision makers.

The military environment is characterised by vast quantities of information. Commanders first have to make sense of available intel to gain the necessary situational awareness, and then decide on the right course of action. Information overload creates “friction” and “fog” that hinders accessing and accurately disseminating relevant data. Consequently, many valuable nuggets of information, or weak signals, which may trigger new insights go un-noticed.

Through our wealth of experience in developing military intelligence and reconnaissance (C4ISR) software solutions, we realised its beneficial applications in the commercial arena.

The volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data that modern businesses contend with creates similar “friction” and “fog” for today’s decision makers. Legacy software systems are focused on processing data that only resides in the visible “streetlights” of organisations and ignore what’s hidden in the “shadows.” The advancement of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things compounds this issue by generating increasing volumes of sensor information that needs to be managed and analysed.

We assist our clients by locating and helping them notice valuable insights residing in the “dark spaces” of their digital environment. You first have to notice the dots before you can connect them.

We developed Locstat as a software framework that focuses on the “streetlights” and the “shadows” of your information spaces. It is an easy to use, complex event processing system suitable for high-volume transaction, big data and geo-enabled data environments. Locstat has a variety of applications such as fraud identification, financial transaction analytics, asset tracking, preventative maintenance, environmental early warning, situational awareness and IoT solutions.

Why call it Locstat? Because in the army, Locstat is the abbreviation for “Location status”. Essentially, this is what we do. We locate and provide the “status” of the problem, opportunity, risk or value in your organisation’s data.